Our 11th Festival – on the Market Street Stage

Photo of Nicolas-Rhodes

Nicolas Rhodes Quartet

Saturday Sept. 15 2018 • 1:30 PM

Based out of Mohawk college, our quartet and trio has been performing together for almost 3 years.  Nicholas Rhodes and Kurtis Vandervrie were part of the Toronto Jazz fest student band.
Consisting of 2 students picked from Humber, University of Toronto, York and Mohawk college.  Performing with them is Nathanael Pollard and Spencer Devolin.

Spencer Devolin Quartet

Saturday Sept. 15 2018 • 2:50 PM

Spencer Devolin is a bass player who’s inspired by many different genres including jazz, rock, funk, hip hop, metal and classical. Coming from humble beginnings and growing up with a wide range of experiences has crafted him to be a versatile musician suitable for any genre.
Playing with Spencer is Nathanael Pollard, Michael Lewis, and Lucas Hibbs.

Photo of Spencer Devolin
Photo of Nathaneal Pollard of Psyduck Funk

Psyduck Funk

Saturday Sept 15 2018 • 4:20 PM

A group of Mohawk musicians from years 2 and 3 who have come together for their love of psychedelic funk! Be prepared for a wild musical journey.
Enjoy the styles of Ciara, Lucas, Cam, and band leader Natty.

Sunday is Family Day on the Market Street Stage

Magic Dan Show

Sunday Sept 16 2018 • 1:00 PM

If you like to laugh and be amazed then The Conjurer is the act for you. His personal commitment is to tailor a performance for your corporate or private function that can be enjoyed by all. He can perform strolling amongst the audience one on one, with small groups or on stage with a larger prop show that can be adapted to suit any group or age. His fun personality allows him to entertain and interact with the audience.

The Conjurer performs comedy magic for all ages. His stage presentation includes a variety of effects that are geared of each audience. Volunteers enjoy becoming a star in the show as they assist with magical props and items. For the adult audiences, Mentalisim and an escape is added to the performance.

Photo of Magic Dan
Photo of the Sphere Clown Band

Sphere Clown Band

Sunday Sept 16 2018 • 2:30 PM & 4:15PM

It’s a party in Clowntown, like only these top—rated clowns can deliver, with music, magic, puppetry, comedy, and lots of audience participation for kids from 0 to 10 – and those who are young at heart. Multi-talented musical clowns Patty and Dandy from Canada’s top clownband bring audiences of all ages to their feet, singing, dancing and laughing with slapstick antics and award-winning original tunes from their four hit CDs.  Their catchy original singalong songs are sung live and played on keyboard, drums, flute, and accordion, providing a full band sound.
With international sales of nearly 100,000 books and more than 100,000 CDs, Sphere Clown Band has proven that they can transform their energetic and fun stage performance to disc with four award-winning recordings. A highly-professional touring troupe, Sphere Clown Band has received plaudits from both press and, possibly more important, praise by their young fans and families across Canada, Europe and Asia. The group was National Spokespeople for Canada’s National Kid’s Day. Along with television network appearances on CBC, GLOBAL, CTV, YTV, CITY-TV, CBC RADIO, SHANGHAI TV and SINGAPORE TV 12, Sphere Clown Band has thrilled audiences in festivals and on concert stages in Canada, Singapore, China, Russia, Europe , the U.K., and the U.S.