[intro]PAVLO performs SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2014, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the Bell Main Stage. This is a free concert.[/intro]

How many recording artists can say they have more than 10,000 hours of actual “headlining” experience?

Pavlo is described as a “Guitar Master” whose gift for original melodies is in equal measure to his genius ability to fully engage any audience. Anywhere.

From independently growing his own musical genre, he calls “Mediterranean Music”, Pavlo’s style has attracted the respect of Gordon Lightfoot; Moses Znaimer; Julio Iglesias; R Kelly; Jay Z; even His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Pavlo passionately exposes the world to his infectious and unique brand, at a pace of over 150 concerts per year. Not bad for an artist who was turned down by every record label and told there was “no market for this style of music”.

Now, over a decade later, Pavlo’s “feel good” music has found it’s way around the globe. Loved by not only music listeners, but by musicians alike. Pavlo’s original compositions are being performed worldwide: Guitar orchestras in Taiwan to Guatemala; Street performers in South Beach Miami, to world-class symphonies in Mexico.

Pavlo’s music has been featured on diverse television shows from “So You Think You Can Dance” to “The L-Word”.

There certainly is a very healthy global apatite for Pavlo’s “Mediterranean Music”.

Notoriously humble and charming, Pavlo, was raised in Toronto, Canada within a supportive and lively Greek family whose motto was:

“Have the courage to do what you love; and the drive to do it well.”

As an independent artist, he lives by those words.

While he has earned great respect within the industry – Pavlo continues his life’s ambition: to share the gift and enjoyment of music far and wide – without borders or barriers.

After his successful PBS Special, “Pavlo: Mediterranean Nights”, his next project was developing his very own Signature Series Pavlo guitar for mass production.

Pavlo soon became famously known for giving away the guitar off his back to a random audience member at every concert. This was again, his way of sharing the gift of music.

After selling out of his 1st and 2nd editions of his very own acoustic guitar line, Pavlo partnered with guitar manufacturing giant, Godin, and made his Signature Series Pavlo Guitar by Godin available worldwide.

Pavlo has been quoted to say, “In life, there is no set list.” Which explains his spontaneity during every performance.

However, at a Pavlo concert, there are certainly some things you can expect:
REAL music; ORIGINAL melodies; well honed skills and of course, standing ovations.

Visit Pavlo’s official website.


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